• Welcome, Libra Season!

    Artistic, fun-loving, social butterflies! These are the ways Libras are aptly described, and for good reason. These air signs are deeply concerned with the wellbeing of those around them, tactfully communicating their thoughts and expressing themselves in creative ways. However, sometimes their... View Post
  • 5 Ways to Harness Leo Fire Year-Round

    Leos are the outgoing ones in the friend group who aren't afraid to stick up for their beliefs and chase after their goals. When we think of Leos, we think of Gryffindors replete with the scarlet and gold firey emblems with the lion representing their passionate + courageous energy.  SYMBOL: Li... View Post
  • 5 Water Sign Must-Haves for Cancer Season

    To love a Cancer is to know they can be moody and a lil sensitive, but we love them anyway! This Cancer season, we dive deep into our emotional depths and ride out waves of intense feelz. These ebbs and flows are reflective of the moon phases, so it's important to remember that not everything l... View Post