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5 Water Sign Must-Haves for Cancer Season

5 Water Sign Must-Haves for Cancer Season

To love a Cancer is to know they can be moody and a lil sensitive, but we love them anyway! This Cancer season, we dive deep into our emotional depths and ride out waves of intense feelz. These ebbs and flows are reflective of the moon phases, so it's important to remember that not everything lasts forever. Despite their emotional roller coasters, Cancers are very loyal and supportive of those they hold close, because their true nature nurtures a warm and loving energy.




ATTRIBUTES: Loyal, Intuitive, Caring, Temperamental

MANTRA: "I feel my emotions and know that a new phase will always be near."

Gift with intention to your fav Cancer with our picks to help balance those feels and honor their connection to water and the moon:
What's better for a water sign than a way to take your H20 on the go? Each bottle is made of durable glass with a stainless steel lid and features a whimsical lunar design—the perfect reminder that like the moon, life flows through phases. You got this!
Moonstone represents water energy and moon phases, which in turn powers growth and new beginnings. Thought by the Ancient Romans and Greeks to be created by moonbeams and associated with lunar deities, this sacred and magical talisman will bring about good dreams and a peaceful night's sleep. Carry it with you for inspiration + to balance those chaotic emotions.


Tap into your strengths as a Cancer! In this series, Stella Andromeda will tell you all you need to know about your astrological life. Learn how to harness the ancient power of the zodiac and open your mind to what the universe can offer in ways you never would have imagined. With advice that covers everything from self-care to sex, this little book is your key to a very starry future.

Water signs need their bath rituals, obvi! Pamper + spoil your fav Cancer with sweet and aromatic bath salts to help them recharge.
Water signs tend to be incredibly creative. Spark inspiration + help tap into those energies with the Creativity Herbal Bundle, formulated with herbs to cultivate ideas + self-expression. Made without white sage.
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