• Seeing Double: Our Picks for Geminis

    There's never a dull moment with our Geminis around! These social butterflies are incredibly outgoing, juggling several friend groups, passions and hobbies at once. Though sometimes this earns them the critique of being indecisive (or even two-faced), this natural curiosity has them dabbling in... View Post
  • Indulge with these gifts + crystals for Taurus season

    'Tis the season for bubble baths, dark chocolate, and decadence! We all have a little Taurus in us - the desire to surround ourselves with carefully curated aesthetics and enjoy the beautiful things in life (especially collecting crystals!). Treat yo'self and follow your bliss! SYMBOL: The Bull... View Post
  • Flowin' with Pisces

    The zodiac wheel is comin' full circle with Pisces! Signaling the end of the astrological year, this water sign is all about leaning into your emotions and creative side. People with Pisces in their charts tend to feel what others are feeling. This make them kind, nurturing friends who are adap... View Post