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5 Ways to Harness Leo Fire Year-Round

5 Ways to Harness Leo Fire Year-Round

Leos are the outgoing ones in the friend group who aren't afraid to stick up for their beliefs and chase after their goals. When we think of Leos, we think of Gryffindors replete with the scarlet and gold firey emblems with the lion representing their passionate + courageous energy. 




ATTRIBUTES: Leadership, Confidence, Loyalty, Passion

MANTRA: "I chase my passions with bravery while brightening the world around me."

As Leo season cools down, check out our fav picks to stoke the embers + keep that firey energy lit year-round:
Catch rays year-round! This signet ring has an engraved sun, radiating warmth, brightness, and energy.
Infuse your bathtime ritual with the mysticism of the Tarot. Three of the most iconic Major Arcana archetypes - Death, High Priestess, and The Lovers - have been reimagined with evocative designs + dreamy scents to reflect the themes they represent. The High Priestess archetype represents self-confidence, power, and enlightenment.

Tap into your strengths as a Leo! Learn how to harness the ancient power of the zodiac and open your mind to what the universe can offer in ways you never would have imagined. With advice that covers everything from self-care to sex, this little book is your key to a very starry future.

The Leo Candle smells like Cinnamon Vanilla + comes with a Tiger Eye stone! Each scent and stone in this zodiac crystal candle collection, by Arabella Crystals, has been inspired by the zodiacs corresponding element.
Pyrite is a powerful stone for luck, abundance, wealth and prosperity, making it a great stone to place in your home, office or workspace. With its name derived from the Greek word 'pyr', meaning fire, Pyrite harnesses sun energy and ignites passion, strength, and protection.
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