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Indulge with these gifts + crystals for Taurus season

Indulge with these gifts + crystals for Taurus season

'Tis the season for bubble baths, dark chocolate, and decadence! We all have a little Taurus in us - the desire to surround ourselves with carefully curated aesthetics and enjoy the beautiful things in life (especially collecting crystals!). Treat yo'self and follow your bliss!

SYMBOL: The Bull



ATTRIBUTES: Steadfast, Hardworking, Indulgent, Passionate, Strong-Willed

MANTRA: "I live in the present moment and balance my hard work with self-care."

Check out our picks to gift your fav Taurus - or indulge yourself with that Taurean aesthetic:
taurus zodiac medallion necklace
Harness your sun sign and wear it proudly! A dainty 3/8" zodiac medallion hangs on a 16" chain with a 2" extender. Made of brass with a 14k gold plate.


Stop and smell the roses - that's what Taurus season is all about! Enjoy 3 mini bath bombs packaged individually within a beautiful box. Handmade with a custom 5-oil blend and mess-free.




Fierce and inspiring, Chrysocolla is the Beyonce of crystals; she represents empowerment, feminine wisdom, and graceful healing. Just as Beyonce wasn't built in a day, know that you, too, are growing on your own path. Use Chrysocolla's forgiving energies to trust your journey, speak your truth, and follow your bliss.


Known as 'Fool's Gold' thanks to its sparkly, golden hue, Pyrite is a powerful stone for luck, abundance, wealth and prosperity. With its name derived from the Greek word 'pyr', meaning fire, Pyrite ignites passion, strength, and protection.

Stop looking for four-leaf clovers and horseshoes; Emerald will bring enough luck to last a lifetime. Known to amplify good health and youthfulness, Emerald (May's birthstone!) provides a sense of vitality and protection to nurture your soul and home with healing vibrations.

There's no place like home - or the grounding energy of Moss Agate. Named for the tendency of moss to guide hikers in the wilderness, Moss Agate will guide you on your spiritual journey. Deeply loving and nurturing, this symbol of fertility and vitality as it boosts your connection to nature and symbolizes new beginnings.


Do you get the Sunday scaries or fear leaving the present moment? Hematite is here to help. Though it can feel particularly powerful, hematite helps reconnect the mind, body and spirit to earth energy, allowing you to slow down and refocus on the now; it helps shift feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious to calm and balance and can help you reach the deeper root of your psyche.

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