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Flowin' with Pisces

Flowin' with Pisces

The zodiac wheel is comin' full circle with Pisces! Signaling the end of the astrological year, this water sign is all about leaning into your emotions and creative side. People with Pisces in their charts tend to feel what others are feeling. This make them kind, nurturing friends who are adaptable to situations - sometimes so much so that it's hard to know what's genuine! These dreamers have big ideas and can get lost in the process of creating, which makes them inspiring when they work their magic.

SYMBOL: Two fish, swimming in opposite directions


PLANET: Neptune

ATTRIBUTES: Empathy, Imagination, Mysticism, Harmony

MANTRA: "I allow my feelings to arise and let my imagination flow."

Check out some of our picks below for letting those Pisces vibes flow.

Just like its aquatic hues, Aquamarine's vibes are chill and soothing. Particularly great for facing your fears, this stone provides courage while coaxing you to speak your truth and express yourself. Aquamarine is a faithful companion for those looking for a change in career path or navigating relationships old and new.


The moon has long been a symbol of emotions and intuition. Wearing these mini moons will help remind you to lean into your feelings and that phases of life will ebb and flow.


A crisp aroma the envelops you in waves of ocean water, sweet water lilies fresh with dew, and the magic of being showered by warm water in the amazon rainforest.


Collect your ethereal journeys on the smooth, soft pages of this very special Ether Dream Journal. Keep it by your bed to help make the personal symbols in your nightly adventures conscious, catching your dreams, and bringing them to the earthly realm so they can be integrated and made useful to your heart.

What better way to celebrate a water sign than with a bath? Cultivate a soothing daily bath ritual with the Lavender + Sweet Orange Bath Salt! Made of epsom salts, sweet almond oils, lavender and sweet orange essential oils. This uplifting aroma fosters a sense of peace and tranquility.
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