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Aquarius Season is here!

Aquarius Season is here!

Calling all Aquarians! They say a group of Aquarians is called a rebellion, and we don't disagree! In this tumultuous world, we need these individualistic, passionate air signs to lead the charge with innovation. Here's some need-to-knows about Aquarius energy:

SYMBOL: The Water Bearer

ELEMENT: Air (a bit confusing - we know!)

PLANET: Uranus, which rules technology, rebellion, and invention

ATTRIBUTES: Innovation, Curiosity, Intellect, Expression

THE VIBE: Aquarians may seem a little flighty, like their heads are in the clouds (we speak from experience - we've got plenty of Aquarius in our charts!). They jump from idea to idea, going with the never-ending flow, and it can be frustrating to bring them down to earth and focus on the details. However, this way of thinking comes from a place of deep passion and concern. Aquarians are notoriously concerned with the wellbeing of humanity, constantly seeking out ways to promote freedom of expression and improving the lives of others. Knowing an Aquarian means having a fiercely loyal friend who loves their people unconditionally - we promise!

MANTRA: I know the power of my wisdom and ideas to create change. I am free to express myself for the greater good!

We picked out a few of our personal faves - gift them with intention to your Aquarian friends, or treat yourself to enhance a flow of creativity and mental growth!

Amethyst helps tap into your intuition, supporting high-level thought and connection to your highest self.

From clusters to geodes to crystal moons and royalty-worthy scepters, we love Amethyst in all its forms!


This intention spray is made with essential oils and moon purified stones connected to the elemental essence of air, bringing renewal to your life. Infused with Labradorite, Howlite, Lavender, and Peppermint to enhance mental clarity.


Like a breath of fresh summer air; a whimsical aroma of Mediterranean fig and wild peonies caught in the oceans breeze.


Fluorite works to boost mental clarity and enhancing intuition, helping to turn thoughts and ideas into concrete plans. The key to harnessing Aquarius energy is transforming all those great ideas and making real magic!

In Aquarius season, there's no better time to delve into your "to-read" stack to learn and expand your horizons! We've been reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book on creative expression and forming your ideas into reality.


Known as the magician's stone, Labradorite helps with manifestation work. Grab Labradorite to pique your curiosity, shifts your perspective, and explore the unknown. Choose from free forms, points, tumbles, and more.
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