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Aries Szn Energy Boosters

Aries Szn Energy Boosters

There's no other way to kick off the new zodiac year than with Aries! This firey sign is known for charging into bold ideas with vim and vigor, channeling our fierce determination to get sh*t done - and inspire others in our wake. Meticulously organized, these taskmasters are known for their domineering ability to get their teams pumped - and make magic in the process.




ATTRIBUTES: Confidence, Motivation, Punctuality, Curiosity, Bravery

MANTRA: "I meet challenges head-on with confidence and strength."

Check out our picks to help you take on Aries' traits while tempering that heat with a little balance:

Smells like Coriander & Tonka; comes with carnelian stone at the bottom. Each candle is and hand-poured with all natural, American grown soy wax, wood wicks, and premium fragrance oils. 


Let the scents of Vetiver, Frankincense, Rosemary, and Petitgrain harness your Aries side. Made by a Cleveland-based maker, each astrological blend has the mission to inspire divine balance in each sign, and recognizing your unique gifts, using only what nature has provided! Roll onto pulse points, or bottoms of feet. Use daily, or whenever you're feeling a little off balance. Comes in a 15ml. roll on bottle


While Quartz absorbs, stores and releases energies, while aiding in manifestation and illumination, Hematite is grounding and protective. Hematoid Quartz is the ultimate meditation power stone!


Known as the supreme nurturer, Red + Brecciated Jasper will cushion your nerves while building up your strength and vitality.

Say "girl, bye" to bad vibes with Smoky Quartz in your space. An essential companion for the home or any kind of safe haven, Smoky Quartz is kinda like a metaphysical houseplant; using its shadowy aesthetic to absorb and purify energies while returning the clear, positive vibes back to the earth, Smoky Quartz invites you to open your energy window to let in its newly recharged positivity and light. This grounding crystal is a spa treatment for the soul as it draws out stress and encourages you to center yourself after a long day. Place one in your living room and watch the stress of the day melt away and good vibes boomerang back at you.

Cat got your tongue? Blue Lace Agate is known as the Stone of the Diplomat and encourages calm communication in times were anger or anxiety must be avoided. Keep this pocket sized pep talk with you next time you need a little boost before taking the mic.


Forces unite when carnelian, chalcedony, and onyx come together to form Sardonyx. It will guard and protect you while stimulating energy and boosting happiness in relationships. 

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