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Crystals for Beltane

Crystals for Beltane


Historically celebrated as the peak of spring and beginning of summer, this sabbat is associated with vitality, joy, and passion. Check out our crystalline recommendations to help nurture the fire within you and celebrate the warm days ahead!


beltane crystal kit

We handpicked five stones that work together to create a balanced + energized vibe for this firey holiday. Each kit comes in a keepsake couch with a description card + mantra plus the following stones:
  • AFRICAN TURQUOISE: fertility + abundance
  • BOTSWANA AGATE:  grounding + connection to earth
  • GARNET: passion + feminine energy
  • SUNSTONE: harness fire element; boost vitality + joy
  • TIGER EYE: strength + masculine energy


2. Carnelian

We all need a little boost now and then. Maybe you're trying to hustle your daydream or need a boost of confidence to continue your exercise regimen - regardless, Carnelian is here to keep you feelin' fine and encourage you to keep focusing your energy.

Traditionally used as a warrior stone in indigenous cultures, Obsidian is highly protective, shielding against negativity and harm. Goldsheen Obsidian shines light on inner darkness, clearing your psyche and protecting you from traits like fear, addiction, anxiety, and anger.
It's as fun and playful as it sounds - Bumblebee Jasper buzzes with positive energy and helps creative types with the willpower and confidence to create. Just as the bumblebee helps flowers with pollination, this curious and active stone helps remove blocked energies to let the good vibes flow.
Bask in the sunkissed beams of this orange beauty and it'll be no time before you're owning it and feeling like a queen. Bold and vivacious, Sunstone balances the sacral chakra to ignite positive energy toward creativity and sensuality. Take its rays further to ignite the leadership and confidence waiting within you.
hematoid quartz palm stone
Need a little fire? Kick it up a notch with Hematoid Quartz. When we're feelin' a little low, we reach for this power stone when the coffee just ain't cutting it. While Quartz amplifies energy and helps us focus on our goals, Hematite offers strength and protection. Think of Hematoid Quartz as your own pocket-sized champion to help you take on your to-do list confidently.
flower agate
Stay wild, flower child! From seed to blossom, Flower Agate will help you bloom and reach your full potential. Aiding in manifesting and nurturing your dreams, its soft, feminine energy ignites passion to live life to the fullest. Activate and connect your Heart and Root Chakras to bridge the gap between emotions and reality. This deep meditation will assist in letting go and moving towards the path of self-embetterment.
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