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6 Ways to Kick off 2022 with Capricorn

6 Ways to Kick off 2022 with Capricorn

There's a reason the new year begins with Capricorn - this grounded sign is steeped with ambition and a hardworking attitude, helping us take on our goals and intentions with invigoration and determination! Learn more about this action-oriented, independent sign and how you can grab it by the horns this season:

SYMBOL: Pan, a god of Greek mythology with a goat body and fish tail
PLANET: Saturn, which rules responsibility, conviction, and decision-making
ATTRIBUTES:Determination, Ambition, Hardworking, Practicality
THE VIBE: Our Capricorn friends may seem focused on the material world, but it's only because they value hard work and results. These introverts seek meaningful work and are happiest with structure and purpose - Capricorns don't just follow the rules - rules were made for them! These goal-setters are heavily self-reliant and keep themselves grounded by putting on blinders to the rest of the world and staying focused on their own accomplishments.
MANTRA: I charge into my goals with drive and a steady focus; I am independent and ambitious!

Need some inspo to tackle your 2022 goals and intentions with Capricorn energy?Check out our fav earth-inspired ritual accoutrements and items to inspire that drive and purpose!


Inspired by the natural hideout of legend, Hermitage incense is an intimate experience. Deep, earthy patchouli is coupled with juicy citrus for an aroma that will transport you to a grove of old-growth trees, complete with the crispness of autumn leaves.

Use this incense when you need to connect with grounding energy. Exhale to release uncertainty, and inhale security, stability, and connection to the earth.



This intention spray is made with essential oils and moon purified stones connected to the elemental essence of earth, bringing grounding and abundance to your life. Infused with Malachite, Picture Jasper, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Cedarwood to ground and calm the mind.



An enchanting aromatic blend of lavender and soft vanilla paired with a deep forest synergy to ground and comfort earth signs. Birchrose + Co candles have been formulated with different organic textures, vibrant colors, unique aromas, and the way the earth's elements interact with each other to nourish and heal.



Write it down and get it done! We are thoroughly obsessed with the Luminaries Weekly Planner by Open Sea Design Co. This wire-bound notebook style planner features a black cover with silver & gold foil artwork, detailing two opposing energies--the sun and moon, as well as their respective symbolism. Printed and assembled by hand in New York. 



An intention candle dedicated to Saturn for devotional or remediation work, during heavy Saturn transits, and to honor Capricorn or Aquarius.

The meaning behind the Saturn candle is to bring focus and attention to working with our own integrity, perseverance, truth, mindfulness and for supporting structure in our lives. In astrology, Saturn is the father of time. Virtues of Saturn are responsibility, maturity, diligence, honesty, stability, structure and fortitude. 

Hand poured with 100% pure beeswax, dressed with cottonwood buds, boneset, Solomon’s Seal, comfrey, myrrh, horsetail and onyx. These particular herbs and minerals are all meaningful and sacred to Saturn and its significations.



Find yourself in a rut? Bring on Garnet—a grounding stone that balances the body and dissolves emotional and energetic blockages to let positive energy flow! This passionate stone brings hope and courage into seemingly hopeless situations, and energizes the soul, bringing love, joy and passion into your life. This deep red stone will help manifest your desires and dreams into reality.

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