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Our Virgo Season Picks

Our Virgo Season Picks

Don your flower crowns and turn up Queen Bey - it's Virgo Season! The spark from Leo remains, albeit a little more tempered. Virgos tend to be industrious yet humble; they're hardworking and find ways to creatively use the resources at their disposal. Because they're so meticulous, they tend to be their own toughest critics and are hard on themselves for the smallest flaws. What they need to know is that they thrive with, not in spite of, that which makes them beautifully unique!

SYMBOL: the Maiden



ATTRIBUTES: Organized, Hardworking, Independent, Committed

MANTRA: "I have everything I need to thrive and I release the need for perfection."

Tapping into Virgo season takes little more than stepping outside and spending time in nature. These are our favorite ways to enhance your experience with natural energy and stay connected to your roots:
Understand the elements which govern the world around us, connecting with the Earth and using its powers to thrive. From using the four elements – fire, air, water and earth – in spells, to learning about the powers of crystals and mastering the art of divination, this book will teach you everything you know about this ancient form of magick.
There's no place like home - or the grounding energy of Moss Agate. Named for the tendency of moss to guide hikers in the wilderness, Moss Agate will guide you on your spiritual journey. Deeply loving and nurturing, this symbol of fertility and vitality boosts your connection to nature and symbolizes new beginnings.


Add a little plant magick to your day with Blue Wilde's herbal tisanes. Made with Stinging Nettle, Oatstraw, Red Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover Blossom, a warm nettle tea will bring all the grounding vibes.

Calling all plant moms! Garden Quartz keeps it fresh, amplifying and purifying your energy while filtering out the bad sh*t through its inclusions. You'll walkin' fields of daisies with Garden Quartz at your side.
This candle takes ya back to the Garden of Eden. No social media arguments, tense family dinners, and for damn sure no pandemics. You could hang out with whoever you want — everyone’s from the same household anyway. And there’s a ton of fruit. Like all the fruit. This candle smells like that.
Harness your sun sign and wear it proudly with these gold Zodiac Medallion Necklaces. A dainty 3/8" zodiac medallion hangs on a 16" chain with a 2" extender. Made of brass with a 14k gold plate. 

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