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Unakite: Stone of Tenderness

Unakite: Stone of Tenderness


Find yourself doom scrolling again? Bring yourself back to the present and refresh your energy with the grounding, tender, heart-healing nature of Unakite.

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A wonderful companion for meditation, prayer, and spiritual exploration, Unakite will listen to your every dream and worry and help balance turbulent thoughts and emotions.

Let go of resentment, grudges, and comparison, and instead seek a tender, empathetic perspective that will take you far. Remember there is always a chance to start anew!

Magical Associations
💚CHAKRA: Unakite helps open the heart, so you can release grudges and resentment and operate from a more tender, softer state of being.
💚ELEMENT: Water represents the ebbs and flows of our emotions, and Unakite can help balance these fluctuating feelings.
💚TAROT: The Four of Pentacles represents times that we feel closed off to others, and it calls us to refresh our perspective and embrace empathy.
💚ZODIAC: Cancer is nurturing, sensitive, and compassionate, just like Unakite's energy.

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May Unakite help bring you back to a mindful state of being and remind you that no matter how you are feeling right now, there is always a chance to rejuvenate your spirit and start anew 🌱 ✨


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