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African Turquoise Meaning + Properties

African Turquoise Meaning + Properties


Need a shift in perspective? African Turquoise, a form of jasper, can help through times of change and transition. New job? Looking to start fresh? renew your energy while keeping your goals in focus with African Turquoise.

african turquoise crystal

African Turquoise Magical Associations
🌱 CHAKRA: African Turquoise is a heart-healing stone and can help align the heart chakra.
🌱ELEMENT: Connect with earth energy through African Turquoise! This stone oozes all things growth and regeneration.
🌱TAROT: Channel the Three of Pentacles and its message of resourcefulness, and know that abundance and prosperity will come naturally when you're focused and connected.
🌱ZODIAC: The sign of Capricorn is hardworking, ambitious, and persistent, so African Turquoise is a prosperous stone to work with when channeling this energy.

May African Turquoise help you set intentions of renewal and celebrate lush, productive energy flowing your way 🌱✨

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