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Amazonite: A Crystal for Creative Flow

Amazonite: A Crystal for Creative Flow


Find your creative flow! Amazonite unlocks your energy blockages and unleashes the innovative spirit within, letting you freely and authentically express your ideas with confidence.

Amazonite is a must for artists, teachers, social media mavens, and anyone who communicates and leans into their creative side; it guides you to speak your truth and inspire others.

Tuck an Amazonite stone into your pocket to help you speak eloquently for a presentation or keep it next to your computer and you can kiss the writer's block goodbye!

Magical Associations
💧CHAKRA: Amazonite helps open the throat chakra for self-expression, communication, and speaking your truth!
💧ELEMENT: Water represents a harmonized energy and symbolizes conversation and the expression of ideas and feelings, just like Amazonite meaning.
💧TAROT: The Eight of Pentacles is an encouraging message, affirming your work and saying that your focus and patience on the task at hand will go far! Amazonite can help you with finding that "in the zone" focus.
💧ZODIAC: Usefulness, creativity, and strong communication skills are core traits of Virgo, so this sign will work especially well with Amazonite

May the meaning of Amazonite help you find a rewarding focus while also reminding you that creativity and productivity naturally ebb and flow! Lean into the natural rhythms of your own energy and innovation💧✨
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