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The Lucky Properties of Emerald

The Lucky Properties of Emerald


Stop looking for shamrocks and horseshoes; Emerald will bring enough luck to last a lifetime! Thought to amplify good health and youthfulness, Emerald's metaphysical energy provides a sense of vitality and protection to nurture your soul and home with healing vibrations.

Emerald stones have been worn as good luck charms and protective talismans for centuries! This green gem is thought to attract health, wealth, and love.

It's the perfect lucky crystal to ring in spring and channel intentions of renewal, because its energy is great for rebirth, fertility, regeneration, and growth.

Place an emerald near your desk or on your fireplace mantle to seal your home with good fortune and a wealth of good energy.

Emerald's crystal properties make emerald a stone of luck. Emerald is great for prosperity, inspiration, and heart-healing.


🍀CHAKRA: Emerald is a heart-healing stone and can help align the heart chakra.
🍀ELEMENT: Emerald is an earth stone and channels energy of growth, rebirth, and fertility.
🍀TAROT: Channel the Ten of Pentacles card and its message of fortune, abundance, and prosperity. Emerald is the crystalline counterpart to this fortuitous tarot card!
🍀ZODIAC: Taurus is a headstrong earth sign that is resourceful and takes pleasure in earthly delights. Emerald plays well with Taurus signs and emulates that lucky energy (it's also the birthstone for many Taureans!)

crystals for luck and abundance. Some crystals to attract abundance are pyrite, emerald, citrine lucky gemstones

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