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Evil Eye Crystal Candle

  • $34.00

Keep negative vibes at bay with the Repel Evil Eye Crystal Candle. Each candle is topped with lapis lazuli, citrine, tiger eye, an engraved palo santo stick, and a glass evil eye charm to ward off evil intentions. 

The evil eye is thought to be a curse cast by an envious gaze or glare, often to an unsuspecting person. Many cultures believe that this curse brings misfortune and bad luck. Using an evil eye charm is thought to deflect the intentions behind this ill will, banish negativity, and shield the wearer or user from harm.

Scent notes: dragon's blood, patchouli, smoky cedar

Hand-poured, 100% soy wax candle.


The Bathing Native is an Indigenous-owned brand founded on nurturing native roots and sharing them with the world as natural skin care products. In their native culture, the true matriarch is Mother Earth; therefore, they strive to create items that do not take from Her. Each product is ethically created with sustainable materials and sourced with love and good intentions. Each package is carefully considered and curated to ensure compostability, recyclability, and free of single use plastics.

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