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Blue Lace Agate: Stone of Diplomacy

Blue Lace Agate: Stone of Diplomacy


Cat got your tongue? Blue Lace Agate is known as the Stone of Diplomacy for its energy that boosts confidence and facilitates a calm composure clear communication.

A harmonizing, peaceful stone, Blue Lace Agate empowers you to express yourself with ease, even in challenging situations. Let its soothing vibes wash over you, keeping you serene and composed when you need it most.

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Magical Associations
🦋 CHAKRA: Blue Lace Agate helps open and align the throat chakra for expression of creative ideas and bringing meaningful, apt words to mind.
🦋 ELEMENT: Blue Lace Agate embodies the cerebral nature of the air element, tapping into dynamic intellectual energy and openmindedness.
🦋 TAROT: The 4 of Swords tarot card represents rest and calm, especially after a tumultuous situation. This state of careful communication and composure is what Blue Lace Agate is all about!
🦋 ZODIAC: Blue Lace Agate's devotion to balance, careful consideration, and harmonious relationships ties into the judicious nature and composed wisdom of Libra.

This cool blue stone is obviously beloved for its vibrant stripes in the perfect sky blue hues ☁️ it's sure to bring all the best calming, serene energy your way ✨

Screenshot the photo below for a quick and easy reference guide!

infographic shows blue lace agate crystals and blue lace agate healing properties


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