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Creedite Crystal Meaning

Creedite Crystal Meaning

Get ready to feel the heat and let your energy soar with Creedite! This super rare gem channels a blend of fire and air energy, perfect for honing in on your ideas, visualizing a path forward, and raising your consciousness. We think Creedite embodies many of the pillars of personal growth, as it lends an inspiring energy, empowering confidence, and visualization of our highest selves.



Creedite emerges from the earth in many hues: white, colorless, vibrant orange, deep red, black, and deep purple. No two pieces are alike! This rare stone is typically found in a druzy cluster formation, taking on a glittering appearance that adds to its allure and makes it a statement piece for any crystal collection. 

Most of our specimens have bluish-green Fluorite inclusions, doubling down on energy for mental clarity and lazer-sharp focus. 

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Creedite is a high vibrational stone, working with the upper chakras to raise spiritual awareness and unlock insights from within. Creedite serves as a conduit to your higher self and the cosmic consciousness, fostering a deep connection that transcends the mundane. This mystical gem amplifies your intuition and psychic prowess, empowering you to navigate the unseen realms with clarity and confidence.

Learn to tap into your intuition and visualize your higher self. Align the crown and third eye chakras and allow pure, light energy to fill your energetic body.


This vibrant, sparkling stone stimulates creativity and helps you act on them so you can get sh*t done. Channel your ideas confidently and feel motivated to bring them into existence. 

With its vibrant energy pulsing through your space, you'll find yourself not just dreaming, but also propelled by a drive to turn your visions into reality. Channel your ideas with unwavering confidence, and let this empower you to overcome obstacles and manifest your aspirations with conviction and purpose.



CHAKRAS: Creedite serves as a bridge between the Crown and Solar Plexus chakras, harmonizing spiritual awareness with personal power and confidence.
ELEMENTS: Creedite channels the dynamic synergy of fire and air elements, infusing a transformative energy of raising your consciousness while igniting creative spark and facilitating mental clarity.
TAROT: Creedite embodies the expansive energy of The World tarot card, symbolizing completion, fulfillment, and the culmination of a spiritual journey, offering clarity of purpose and a sense of unity with the cosmos.
ZODIACS: Creedite resonates with the innovative spirit of Aquarius, encouraging unconventional thinking and progressive ideas, while also embracing the confident and charismatic energy of Leo, fostering creativity and self-expression.

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Capturing the best of both worlds, Creedite’s spark and soothing vibrations will have you inspired and ready to tackle anything, but also lends a balancing, assuring energy to keep your emotions steady. Turn up the heat and let your ideas take flight! 

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