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Selenite: "Stone of Liquid Light"

Selenite: "Stone of Liquid Light"

✨💎 Meet our new series - Crystal of the Week! Follow along as we take a deeper dive into a specific crystal and its key attributes, healing properties, magical associations, and more. First up - Selenite, a.k.a., liquid light! 

One of our namesakes - named for Selene, goddess of the moon - is this peaceful, cleansing stone that represents new beginnings (perfect for our January intention!)

Its loving and positive energy promotes a clear mind and home, creating an atmosphere of uplifting vibrations.

Selenite and Satin Spar share the same mineral makeup and are both forms of gypsum - they just crystallize differently! Satin Spar, which has widely been known as 'selenite', is formed in long, lustrous fibers and is found around the globe.

Selenite clears stagnant energy, leaving a sense of calm and clarity. Its purifying properties are effective in cleansing the energy of a room, and it can recharge other crystals.


SELENITE CHAKRA: As a versatile and cleansing crystal, selenite is a good choice for chakra alignment and chakra healing. Hold during a chakra meditation and vision pure, white light surrounding each energy center in your body.

SELENITE ELEMENT: Selenite's cleansing energy is reminiscent of water as a purifying element (though it shouldn't be submerged in water!).

SELENITE TAROT CARD: Selenite most closely resembles the Ace of Cups tarot card as it represents new beginnings, pure love, and uplifting vibrations.

Mantra to recite with Selenite:

"I am at peace when my mind is clear."
How do you use Selenite/ Satin Spar?

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