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Moonstone: Stone of New Beginnings

Moonstone: Stone of New Beginnings

One of our crystal namesakes, and a personal favorite crystal that represents new beginnings and balance ūüĆô

Mysterious and powerful, Moonstone connects to feminine energy while aligning with moon cycles, which in turn powers growth and new beginnings. Thought by the Ancient Romans and Greeks to be created by moonbeams and associated with lunar deities, this sacred and magical talisman will bring about good dreams and a peaceful night's sleep.

moonstone crystal collection: the stone of new beginnings


MOONSTONE CHAKRA: Use moonstone for crown chakra work and spiritual growth as it connects to celestial energy and is a high vibrational stone.

MOONSTONE ELEMENT: Like selenite, moonstone also connects to the water element as it taps into softer, more fluid emotional energies and enhances intuition.

MOONSTONE TAROT CARD: The Moon tarot card taps into the subconscious and inner energies, reminding you to stay mindful and to trust your intuition. Find balance between dreamlike, imaginative states and tangible truths.

MOONSTONE ZODIAC SIGNS: Water signs like Pisces and Cancer may especially connect to moonstone.

Mantra to recite with Moonstone:

"I am at peace when my mind is clear."
Carry moonstone with you for inspiration and good luck! We also love moonstone as a crystal for new babies and moms-to-be for its peaceful vibes + fertile feminine energy.

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