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Root Ritual Mist

  • $17.00

Connect to the earth and feel her support even while indoors. Interrupt negative notions and ground yourself with this fresh, earthy blend of ginger, citrus, grass, nutmeg, cloves & moss.

As you set positive intentions, this aromatherapy elixir is a bottled potion brewed to strengthen your mood and spirit. Use ROOT however you need: kick off your meditation or yoga practice, focus the mind for a writing session, or ground for a new/full moon ritual. This multipurpose formula is gentle enough for skin and most household surfaces and linens.


Phantom Row handcrafts goods for the home, body, and spirit through a dark lens of the vintage, gothic, and romantic. Run by two witchy sisters, Raquel and Erica, everything is made between their hands, small batch, with intention and detailed care in Katy, Texas.

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