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Malachite Tumbled Stone

  • $8.00


They say the first wealth is health, but Malachite handles it all. Malachite is like that vibrant friend who's always there to lift your spirits and keep you grounded. With its lush, bright green color, it's hard not to feel rejuvenated just looking at it! 

Feeling stuck? Malachite's got your back, cheering you on in embracing change and achieving your goals. Plus, its protective vibes ensure you're covered when life throws curveballs. Malachite also empowers financial security and confidence, activating your solar plexus chakra to take decisive action towards your goals to manifest abundance and prosperity. Malachite harnesses the potent energies of growth and renewal, leveraging the verdant essence of all things green to facilitate profound healing and personal evolution. By stimulating the heart and throat chakras, Malachite encourages open communication and emotional balance, helping us to express our feelings with clarity and authenticity while fostering harmonious relationships.

Listing is for one stone. Stones typically measure about 1" - 1.5". 

Note: when you order from this section, we’ll select the exact crystal - don’t fret, we’ll carefully hand pick the perfect high-vibe stone. Each piece is unique and may vary in shape, color and size from what is pictured. Natural crystals and stones have flaws and imperfections.

Warning: while safe in its finished and polished form (such as tumbled stones), malachite in its raw and/or broken down form is toxic. Do not place malachite in water and/or use in baths or crystal elixirs. Not safe for consumption or to be ingested.

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