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Divine Masculine Crystal Figure

  • $33.00

Ignite strength and passion! Divine Masculine energy represents the side of leadership, stamina, and logic. When we want to manifest our goals and attract abundance, we focus on the action and practical side. Reach for one of these crystal figures when you're ready to take charge and support the warrior within, or when you want a boost of extra fire and air energy.

Listing is for one crystal figure. Figures measure about 1.75" x 1.125". Choose from:

Moss Agate: stability, new beginnings, abundance

Obsidian: grounding, protective, shielding

Note: when you order from this section, we’ll select the exact crystal - don’t fret, we’ll carefully hand pick the perfect high-vibe stone. Each piece is unique and may vary in shape, color and size from what is pictured. Appearance of color may vary in different lighting.

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