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The Properties of Marcasite Agate

The Properties of Marcasite Agate


Have you seen these before? Inclusions of Marcasite look like island chains sprawling on aquatic hues of Moss Agate in this unique blend of stones. Click here to add one to your crystal collection!

The gold, snowflake-like markings are called Marcasite and are also known as White Iron Pyrite. They have the same chemical makeup as pyrite, but arranged in a different crystalline structure.

A highly coveted stone in ancient times, its given name means 'Fire Stone' because it would spark when struck with flint.

Marcasite's firey energies stimulate confidence and courage, drawing on supportive energies to help you attract abundance. Contrasting with the cool hues of agate matrix in-between, this stone is sure to keep you grounded and energized.

Use Marcasite Agate for grounding and stimulating your inner strength 🌳🔥

Magical Associations
🌳🔥CHAKRA: Marcasite Agate can help with grounding and balancing your root chakra.
🌳🔥ELEMENT: Marcasite Agate balances earth and fire energies, drawing on a powerfully deep, rooted connection to the planet while garnering a fiery stamina.
🌳🔥TAROT: The Emperor tarot card, sometimes depicted as a tree, draws on a strong steadiness and control of inner power.
🌳🔥ZODIAC: Marcasite Agate is reminiscent of Sagittarius' passion and independence. This fire sign responds well to a grounding force like agate.

Marcasite Agate is the perfect crystal to reach for to ground your vision, channel stamina, and radiate confidence. When you are stable and strong, you can attract good things your way! 

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