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Rhodochrosite's Healing Benefits for Compassion and Self-Love

Say yes to self-love, positive energy, and radical acceptance! Rhodochrosite helps heal your inner self by freeing blockages in the Solar Plexus; the center of energy and personal will. While tapping into softer emotional energies, this stone also has a strong, fiery element that helps boost confidence and passion.

Strengthen your relationships with empathy and harmony by first focusing and directing love inward! Rhodochrosite's heart-healing and self-love aspects in turn drive self-worth and personal will. As you heal your heart and soften your edges, you can enable full body healing and let your energy shine. ūüĆü

When you are whole and secure in yourself and love and value your own worth, then you attract that same kind of love ūüíó

rhodochrosite crystal stone of compassion



Learn about the magical and metaphysical associations of Rhodochrosite!

RHODOCHROSITE CHAKRA: Use Rhodochrosite to open the heart chakra and dissolve blockages in the solar plexus.

RHODOCHROSITE ELEMENT: Rhodochrosite connects to the water and fire elements as it helps balance emotions to promote positivity and active energy.

RHODOCHROSITE TAROT CARD: Like Rhodochrosite, the Ten of Cups celebrates full harmony and contentment in your relationships.

RHODOCHROSITE ZODIAC SIGN: Rhodochrosite ties in with Scorpio as an emotional, in-tuned sign while drawing on Leo's fiery energy for confidence.

Mantra to recite with Rhodochrosite:

" I must first love myself unconditionally before offering love to others."
rhodochrosite meaning and rhodochrosite healing properties

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