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Crystal Clear: your beginner guide to healing stones

Crystal Clear: your beginner guide to healing stones

With so many shapes, sizes and shades of crystals, it’s tough to make a choice! Here is a quick guide to get you started! 
We feel your pain - with so many shapes, sizes and shades of crystals, it’s tough to make a choice! But don’t panic - you can’t go wrong. Let your intuition lead the way.

Choosing a stone

Perhaps the easiest way to choose the right stone is to let its color draw you in. The color spectrum of natural stones is vast, and for good reason - there’s a shade for literally anything. If you’re drawn to pinks, those stones will open your heart to receive love. If you’re drawn to fiery reds and oranges, you need a little extra strength and vitality in your life.

As long as you care for it, a crystal has powerful energy regardless of its size. So it’s totally okay to start with a small tumbled stone. If you feel particularly drawn to it, you can always add larger pieces and unique shapes to add a little something extra to your environment.

Below are some popular stones to start out your intentional life:
  • Amethyst: dispels grief and sadness, relieves stress and pain, opens spiritual awareness
  • Quartz: the Master Healer, clears blockages and amplifies positive energy
  • Citrine: boosts joy and optimism, enhances creativity
  • Obsidian: shields against negativity, draws out stress and tension
  • Emerald: enhances love, heals emotions, promotes friendship

How to use crystals

Healing stones and crystals formed over millions of years, so they literally carry the earth’s vibrations in them. Their power is unlocked when you think of a goal - or set your intention - and crystals work their magic by infusing your daily thought with that intentional goal and positive energy.

Below are some of our favorite ways to use crystals - don’t worry, they’re super simple:

     1. Bedside: Infuse your dreams with good vibes and enhance restful sleep by placing a small cluster on your nightstand or tucking a small tumbled stone into your pillowcase.

Our favorites for sleep and angelic inspiration: celestite, selenite, howlite, quartz

     2. On-the-go: Maybe that coworker is getting on your nerves, or you need some stress relief. Before you leave the house in the morning, tuck a small stone into your pocket (or your bra, we don’t judge!) to activate your highest self.

Our recs for protection from the world: tourmaline, amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz, tiger eye, jet 

     3. Desktop motivation: Once you set your intention, your stone is a tangible reminder to chase your dreams and manifest your goals. Crystals are perfect companions to bring about abundance, whether you’re gearing up to ask for a pay raise, prepping for a job change, or trying to work past writer’s block.

Our go-to’s for creative inspo and hustling for that money, honey: rainbow fluorite, malachite, citrine, carnelian, and pyrite.

The possibilities are endless. However you choose to use and care for your crystal makes it uniquely yours.

Crystal Care 101

Crystals have feelings, too! But really, you’ll only get as much from your crystal as you put into it. We recommend three different ways to cleanse and charge your crystal:
  1. Place it on a bowl of dry sea salt to draw out any lingering energy from its past.
  2. Burn a bundle of white sage and swirl the smoke around the stone to purify its energy field.
  3. On a full moon, place your crystal by the window (or outside if you’re able) to bask in a bath of lunar energy.
Do what feels right to you, and when you hold the crystal imagine your intention going into it. Regular tuning in with your crystal will ensure your energy is vibing together.
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