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The Book of Tarot

  • $17.00

From the creator of the Starchild Tarot and Moonchild Tarot, Danielle Noel, comes this gorgeously illustrated, accessible introduction to the tarot’s many uses, from mystical touchstone to practical resource.

More than a guidebook, The Book of Tarot offers a space in which to set goals and intentions with clarity and purpose. With both clarity and warmth, seasoned practitioner Danielle Noel instructs readers in using the tarot as a tool for self-understanding, meditation, and soulful introspection.


Danielle Noel is a designer, writer, and visual artist with a background in energy medicine. She is the creator of The Starchild Tarot, The Moonchild Tarot, and a series of forthcoming oracle decks. Often seen through a surrealist lens, Danielle’s work exists at the intersection of ancient lore and mysticism with the Divine Feminine. Her aim is to share, transmit, and expand consciousness through the visuals she creates.

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