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  • $25.00

Let Tarot guide you on a journey of self-knowledge and self-fulfillment.

Get to know each card in detail - meet The Magician, who encourages you to trust in your abilities; connect with the nurturing instincts of The Empress; feel the confidence of The Chariot - and explore the meanings of each card for you.

In this guide by Tina Gong, discover how tarot readings can illuminate your unique path and lead to tangible, positive actions that you can apply day to day.

Pair it with the Seventh Sphere Tarot for the full experience.


Tina Gong is a gifted tarot enthusiast, an entrepreneur, and a talented designer based in New York. She was drawn to tarot at a young age as a way to connect with herself, with others, and with the world around her and has used her skills to create a number of stunning tarot decks, including the hugely popular Golden Thread Tarot. Tina has also created accompanying apps for her decks, for access to tarot in the modern world. Her website Labyrinthos is packed with expert tips—her mission is to make tarot a resource that is available for people from all walks of life to benefit from.

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