• Ritual Candle Set

Ritual Candle Set

Ignite your intention and enhance your rituals with a little candle magick. Fire, a long-held symbol and rite of purification, helps manifest your goals. Grab the color that best fits the vibe in mind, and get lit with our Ritual Candle Set! 

Each set comes with one candle of each color (ten candles total) and a description card:

Brown: Grounding - Stability - Home Blessings

Black: Protect - Banish - Unblock

White: Peace - Hope - Healing 

Red: Strength - Passion - Vigor

Orange:  Creativity - Ambition - Luck

Yellow: Sun - Intelligence - Energy

Green: Earth - Growth - Money

Blue: Focus - Truth - Forgiveness

Purple:  Dream Magick - Higher Realms - Psychic Ability

Pink:  Love - Friendship - Emotions


Candles are hand-poured, 100% beeswax with cotton wicks, and measure 4.5" tall, 0.5" in diameter. 2 hour burn time.

*Listing is for one candle

*Do not leave flame burning unattended

  • $18.00