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Rainbow Moonstone Pebble

  • $20.00


We couldn't be more proud that this beauty is the namesake of Selene Stone. Mysterious and powerful, Moonstone connects to feminine energy while aligning with moon cycles, which in turn powers growth and new beginnings. According to Ancient Romans and Greeks, this special crystal was created by moonbeams and associated with lunar deities. This sacred and magical talisman for the bedroom will bring about good dreams and a peaceful night's sleep.

*Listing is for one pebble. Pebbles range from 1.75 inches to 2 inches in length.

Note: when you order from this section, we’ll select the exact crystal - don’t fret, we’ll carefully hand pick the perfect high-vibe stone. Each piece is unique and may vary is shape, color and size from what is pictured. Appearance of color may vary in different lighting. Crystals and stones may have natural chips or imperfections.

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