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Mugwort Clearing Stick

  • $5.00

Mugwort, also called Black Sage, is known to enhance intuition, assist in divination, and deepen meditation to make room for arising insights. Throughout history it has been associated with lunar energy and moon cycles. When burned, it produces a fragrant smoke that can be used to cleanse the energy of a space. Be sure to place the bundle on a fire-safe dish during and after use.

This listing is for a single Mugwort Clearing Stick. We take photos in groups to give you a better idea of variation and variety. Some variation may occur as these are hand tied and materials can differ in weight, fullness, and density. 

We cannot control or reliably predict how clearing sticks and bundles will burn. 

It is your sole responsibility to practice responsible fire safety standards and routines within your home, and do not leave a bundle burning unintended. Per our recommendation you should always light your herbal cleanser outside over a fire proof container. Please open windows in your home to allow in fresh air. 

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