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"Danae" Apophyllite with Stilbite Cluster

  • $750.00


Keep it fresh! Green Apophyllite harnesses all the purity and light of a new day. Just as its color suggests, Green Apophyllite carries a supportive, loving energy that will inspire harmony and growth. When you're feeling dull and consumed with worry, let this crystal lift the negativity from you and emit high vibrations back. Paired with Stilbite - translating from the Greek word meaning "to shine" - this powerful duo will declutter your mind so you can focus on what's most important. Sometimes this clarity and stillness is all we need to realize where our purpose lies; it's then that we can let profound realizations arise.

Cluster measures about 6" x 8" x 3.5".

Appearance of color may vary in different lighting. Crystals and stones may have natural flaws and imperfections.

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