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Caribbean Calcite Tumbled Stone

  • $5.00


Paradise isn't so far out of reach with Caribbean Calcite nearby! Get lost in its marine hues and let your worries float away. This calming stone also works with the throat chakra, making it a great crystal for self-expression and communication. When the tide gets high and life feels a little rough, imagine sinking your feet into warm sand and feeling the ocean breeze kiss your face. Take a deep breath, stay grounded, and envision your highest self. This is how the energy of Caribbean Calcite makes us feel. Remember that when you come back to the flow of your breath, peaceful vibes are always nearby.

*Listing is for one stone. Each stone measures about 0.75"-1".

Note: when you order from this section, we’ll select the exact crystal - don’t fret, we’ll carefully hand pick the perfect high-vibe stone. Each piece is unique and may vary in shape, color and size from what is pictured. Appearance of color may vary in different lighting. Crystals and stones may have natural chips or imperfections.

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