Wild Botanicals Soap

Each soap bar comes wrapped in Wildflower Seed Paper and packaged in a reusable muslin bag. 

Choose from 5 scents:

Green Eucalyptus: infused with chlorella, spiralina and shea butter; has an aromatic camphor scent. 

Honeysuckle Citrus: infused with alkanet root rose clay zinc oxide; smells of flowers, orange and grapefruit

Lavender: scented with lavender and colored purple with rose clay, zinc oxide, and alkanet root

Patchouli Clove: scented with patchouli and clove essential oils and infused with sustainable palm oil

Frankincense scented with frankincense, sprinkled with poppyseeds, and infused with sunflower oil

Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, castor oil, water, sodium hydroxide,  organic shea butter, essential oils

*Listing is for one 4oz soap bar.


Wild Botanicals is natural, small batch, artisan skincare for bath and body. Every product is carefully formulated and crafted with natural botanicals to enhance your beauty, health, and wellness. They are created without synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum, and are made, bottled, and labeled by hand. 

  • $8.00