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The Tales Behind Tarot

  • $29.00

Step into the mysterious, unforgettable world of tarot, and discover the illuminating tales behind the 78 cards in the modern tarot deck in this introduction to the tarot unlike any other.

Every tarot card has a story to tell and is rich in symbolic meaning. In this gorgeous book for aspiring and experienced tarot readers alike, expert practitioner Alison Davies brings the stories being told within each card to life.

Follow The Fool on his journey through the Major Arcana as he travels down the path of life, meeting iconic characters along the way such as The Hermit, Death, and The High Priestess. Learn the stories of the four suits in the Minor Arcana, discover how three sisters rise to power in the Suit of Pentacles, and watch as a world-changing idea is born in the Suit of Wands.

With themes to help you understand the meanings of these iconic cards, use this storybook as a tool to learn the tarot so that you can take your tarot readings to the next level, and apply their unique wisdom to your own life.


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