• The Rosary Pillar Candle

The Rosary Pillar Candle

Love is complex. Love means vulnerability and vulnerability is scary. That's why we all need to toss up a Hail Mary from time to time. A little ambiance can't hurt either. And you're brave so go on with your bad self and get to lovin'.

SCENT NOTES: Um this one pretty much smells like straight roses.

Each candle is handmade, hand-poured & packaged in Seattle, WA. Made with premium soy wax & essential oils. And over 60+ hour burn time.  size-14 oz

8.1" l x 2.3" w x 8.1" h


Cathedral partners with a non-profit based in Seattle called Two Feet Project to provide employment and mentorship for young individuals who are underrepresented.

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