• The Garden Apothecary

The Garden Apothecary

Transform Flowers, Weeds and Plants into Healing Remedies

The Garden Apothecary is an inspiring and joyful ode to the world of plants, showing you how to harvest and use commonly found flowers, weeds and herbs to create your very own home apothecary.

Focusing on 20 plants, home herbalist Becky Cole teaches you how to identify, grow and forage for them as well as uncovering their medicinal properties.

With tasty recipes, from Hawthorn Berry Vinegar and Rose and Lemon Balm Honey to Chickweed Pesto, and wild skincare, such as Lavender Deodorant and Botanical Facial Oil, connect with the natural world through this safe and mindful approach to herbalism.

Complete with stunning photography and clear step-by-step instructions, The Garden Apothecary will make you fall in love with your garden and transform everything that grows in it into a healing home remedy.

  • $25.00