• The Fox Tarot: Pips Edition

The Fox Tarot: Pips Edition

The Fox Tarot is an astrology-inspired tarot deck that blends together traditional tarot wisdom with the zodiac and planets. Each box includes 78 cards and a 116 page guidebook. All cards and the guidebook were designed and written by Taylor Haigh on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, 2017.

The guidebook covers meanings for all 78 cards in addition to zodiac signs, astronomy, elements, card suits, and additional card groupings. It also discusses intention, tarot therapy, and card spreads. The tarot is a tool to help you on your journey of self exploration, asking the questions you didn't think to ask and leading you to new revelations and discoveries about yourself.

For the third printing the cards have been totally reworked with revisions to some of the Major Arcana (most of which will remain the same) and a new cleaner look for the pips. The cards feature a new design for the back that does not reveal the orientation. The guidebook has been restructured for ease of use collecting all associations for each card onto one page rather than in separate sections, and fleshed out further. The box has been upgraded to a sturdy two piece box with new design, and the edges of the cards are gold for some extra shine.

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