• Tanzanite Sunburst Necklace

Tanzanite Sunburst Necklace

The “Vergina Sun” - a Greek symbol found on many Hellenistic designs between the 6th-2nd centuries BC. Ours features the head and hands of the ancient god Helios, who escorted the sun in a golden chariot across the sky each day. Each piece features:

  • Bronze and peweter castings with anqtique gold overlap
  • Gold filled cable chain and clasp
  • Gemuine tanzanite gemstone 
  • Length 30” with 3.25” pendant

Tanzanite featured in center of photo.


Trollbinde (pronounced 'trahl-BINDA) means "to spellbind” in Norwegian and Swedish. Our jewelry focuses on what it means to be feminine with a purity of intention and design. Owner and artist, Hannah Kali Black, sees the world through an ethereal and multi-cultural lens that inspires her rite-of-passage creations for daily wear and special occasions. Her works are intended to be the transformative piece of any ensemble.

Female owned and handcrafted in Burnsville, NC.

  • $54.00