• Talisman Essential Oil - Selene Stone
  • Talisman Essential Oil - Selene Stone

Talisman Essential Oil

A talisman is a magical object that provides protection and brings good luck. This Talisman essential oil blend is inspired by the legend of 15th-century French bandits who used an essential oil elixir to protect themselves from the plague. This version is made with 100% natural ingredients with essential oils of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and lemon. It’s believed to preserve the health of those who use it.

  • all-natural ingredients: caprylic /capric triglyceride, essential oils
  • roll on bottle
  • .25 ounces / 7.5 ml
  • 3 ˝ high x ¾˝ wide


Skeem Design was started by husband-and-wife team Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani who left their jobs in the corporate world to chase their dream of working together. With backgrounds in graphic design and product development, the couple creates sophisticated products with a mission to eliminate unnecessary packaging. Many of the products have containers that are reusable: match bottles can be refilled or repurposed to hold a single flower stem; finished candles are great for holding desk, bathroom, and kitchen items. The soy-based candles and match bottles are hand made in small batches in the USA.

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