• Spirit Animal Notebook Pack

Spirit Animal Notebook Pack

From The Moon Deck creators, comes the Spirit Animal Notebook Pack, complete with open pages to journal, draw, create and dream into. Each pack contains 2 lined + 1 blank notebook, representing Rebirth, Courage, and Collaboration.


Through our ever-evolving discoveries of balance and purpose, we've learned first hand about the healing power of ritual and art in action. The Moon Deck was borne of out the wisdom and friendship of three artists Brooklyn yogis with a natural pull to share their growth and creative vision with others. There's a piece of each of us in The Moon Deck and we believe this contribution will bring as much insight, joy and inspiration to other women as it has brought to us in the process of creating it. 

may we walk with trust and love  
may we inspire and be inspired by our sisters
may all women celebrate one another

and the many shades of our shared cycles

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