• Smoky Quartz Obelisk

Smoky Quartz Obelisk

Say "girl, bye" to bad vibes with Smoky Quartz in your space. An essential companion for the home or any kind of safe haven, Smoky Quartz is kinda like a metaphysical houseplant; using its shadowy aesthetic to absorb and purify energies while returning the clear, positive vibes back to the earth, Smoky Quartz invites you to open your energy window to let in its newly recharged positivity and light. This grounding crystal is a spa treatment for the soul as it draws out stress and encourages you to center yourself after a long day. Place one in your living room and watch the stress of the day melt away and good vibes boomerang back at you.

Obelisk measures 4.5" tall.

  • $77.00