• Serendipity Herbal Bundle

Serendipity Herbal Bundle

Serendipity: "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident." Or in the case of this heavenly scented wand---intentionally .

Bright, fragrant and floral, this wonderful cleanser is formulated for brightness and luck. Rosemary, cedar, wormwood, and black sage cleanse, protect, and energize. Safflower is the flower of passion, love, and fortune. Once used as a cosmetic for lovers on the look-out, its said to invite romance and sensual surety!

Wormwood - psychic vision, spirit evocation, banishment
Sage - cleansing, banishment, security of home
Safflower - luck, desire, attraction
Citrus - abundance, wealth, desire
Baby's Breath - purity of heart, sincerity

Some variation may occur as these are hand tied and materials can differ in weight, fullness, and density. Good for 1-3 cleanses depending on usage, results may vary per user.

This listing is for a single item. We take photos in groups to give you a better idea of variation and variety.

We cannot control or reliably predict how herbal bundles will burn. Each product is thoroughly tested and each ingredient is thoroughly researched. Environmental factors such as humidity or lack thereof can cause bundles to burn more vigorously than intended.

It is your sole responsibility to practice responsible fire safety standards and routines within your home, and do not leave a bundle burning unintended. Per our recommendation you should always light your herbal cleanser outside over a fire proof container. Please open windows in your home to allow in fresh air. 

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