• Saturn Intention Candle

Saturn Intention Candle

An intention candle dedicated to Saturn, father of time, master builder, lord of Winter, reaper of all that is sown. Created to be burned during intention setting, Saturn devotions, ritual work, or as an altar candle. It can also be used as a candle to honor Saturn (Kronos) for devotional or remediation work, during heavy Saturn transits, and to honor Capricorn or Aquarius.

The meaning behind the Saturn candle is to bring focus and attention to working with our own integrity, perseverance, truth, mindfulness and for supporting structure in our lives. In astrology, Saturn is the father of time. Virtues of Saturn are responsibility, maturity, diligence, honesty, stability, structure and fortitude. 

Hand poured with 100% pure UNSCENTED beeswax, dressed with cottonwood buds, boneset, Solomon’s Seal, comfrey, myrrh, horsetail and onyx. These particular herbs and minerals are all meaningful and sacred to Saturn and its significations. As with all intention candles, this one is never scented so that it doesn’t interfere with your intention setting.

“Oh father of time, great reaper of days guide us towards the diamond mind. For you are the air that sculpts the mountain side and you hold the chisel that shapes our life.”


Astatula Candle Co. is a small batch artisanal candle company designed and poured in Old Seminole Heights, Tampa Florida, with a focus on high quality and affordable boutique candles made with intention and care. Each scent and design is carefully and thoughtfully selected using eco friendly wax, luxurious fragrances and essential oils.

Made in the USA with 100% soy wax,  cotton wicks,  fragrances and essential oils.
Free of wax additives, lead, and phthalates.

  • $34.00