Rough Zebra Calcite

You were born to stand out! Embrace your stripes and let Zebra Calcite take care of the rest. As a stone of peace, healing, and tranquility, Zebra Calcite takes care of your heart chakra and inner peace throughout the wild up and downs of life.

*Listing is for one. Approximate sizes:

A- approx. 4.75"

B- approx. 3.75"

C- approx. 4-4.5"

D- approx. 4.5"

E- approx. 5.75"

F- approx. 5"

G- approx. 5.25-5.75"

H- approx. 5.25-7"

I- approx. 4.75"

Note: Appearance of color may vary in different lighting.

  • $29.00