Raw Moldavite

Looking to connect with all the wonders of the universe? NBD. We got you. Merging earthly and extraterrestrial energies, Moldavite is a magical talisman sent to Earth for spiritual awakening, enlightenment, transformation, and growth. No lie. This intensely powerful crystal is found at the crash site of a large meteorite nearly 15 million years ago and is here to encourage your spiritual evolution.

Sizes and weights:

A - 1.0"; 4.99g

B - 1.0"; 5.16g

C - 0.8"; 5.16g

D - 1.15"; 5.16g

E - 0.8"; 5.16g

F - 1.0"; 5.5g

G - 1.15"; 6.17g

H - 1.25"; 6.17g

I - 1.15"; 6.7g

J - 1.2"; 6.8g

Note: appearance of color may vary in different lighting.