• Postcards from the Liminal Space
  • Postcards from the Liminal Space

Postcards from the Liminal Space

Welcome to The Liminal Space. Chances are, you’re already here. In that silent airport, empty stairwell feeling of a place. In the inevitability and agony and aliveness of an unanswered now. The Liminal Space is the recognition of the present moment as a threshold, the awareness that we are in between what was and what will be. This sensation has always been and will forevermore be the reason why humans reach for magic. Transient, dark and unstable, those who dare to brave the void find themselves at the depth of the mystery. What is revealed behind these walls and under these floorboards will unearth the weakest and mightiest of our humanity and divinity. It is the muse of the bravehearts, seekers, artists, visionaries, scientists and philosophers. The potency of a fully realized present in its sometimes ugly but always beautiful truth.

You are not alone in this uncertain place.

Created by Bakara Wintner & Christian Berry. Illustrated by Kaylee Christenson  

 77 cards and 30 page guidebook

Dimensions: 2.75" x 4.75", 310gsm cardstock with linen finish

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