• Pisces Crystal Soap

Pisces Crystal Soap

Pisces is the dreamer and healer of the horoscope family, awakening compassion, imagination and artistry while dissolving boundaries that divide us. Embedded inside is a Carnelian stone, known as the “Stone of Motivation” and promoting leadership, endurance, and courage. The vibration of this bright stone will accelerate your motivation and aid you to clarify your goals. It stimulates ambition, drive, and allows you to manifest what you require to move forward in life.

This soap is scented with Tea Tree, White Tea, and Ginger essential oils. This blend helps calm nerves, promote calm and reduce inflammation.


Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Sodium, Oat protein, Essential Oil, and Mica.


Crystal Bar Soap is a Vegan and Cruelty Free Soap company that uniquely embeds healing crystals within every bar. Everything we create is made with the idea that everything should be sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty free. These beliefs are strongly carried throughout the entire range of Crystal Bar Soaps.

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