• Natural Remedies for Women's Health

Natural Remedies for Women's Health

Heal yourself with 100 herbal recipes for every phase of life

Natural Remedies for Women's Health, by Fern Green, brings you plant-based solutions to everyday ailments, harnessing the power of the organic world to keep you well. 

Try an Anxiety Relief Smoothie, a Hot Flush Tincture or a Shiny Hair Tonic – all made in your own home with healing herbs and natural ingredients and none of the side effects that come with pharmaceutical remedies.

Discover teas, tonics, smoothies, tinctures and salves to rebalance and restore your body naturally. Learn how to support your body through menstruation, perimenopause and menopause; and to manage stress, anxiety and your skin health.


Fern Green is a food stylist, writer, and boutique hotel owner. She regularly writes and styles for magazines such as Jamie (Jamie Oliver), and works with various high-profile brands, such as Waitrose, on food styling for editorial and video content. She is also a recipe writer and tester and loves developing delicious new recipes to try out on her family and friends.