• Muse with the Moon: Interactive Lunar Journal

Muse with the Moon: Interactive Lunar Journal

Learn how to channel the lunar power to accomplish your life goals with Muse with the Moon, an interactive book designed to inspire your creativity using the moon phases as your guide.

Understanding the moon will inspire you to make plans and manifest your dreams in harmony with the lunar cycle. Divided into eight chapters that represent each moon phase, every section included a range of varied activities based around the focus for that phase. These included setting intentions, doodling and drawing, to more mindful tasks such as running a hot bath, creating a wish jar or simply enjoying a cup of tea.

This creative and interactive journal features 224 pages of beautiful full-color illustrations throughout, insightful quotes, creative exercises and prompts—designed to help you slow down and find more meaning within your daily life.


7 x 1 x 8.4 inches


  • $21.00